I am a really fast webpage, see at my greatness

You want your website to load faster? Look at me - I'm really fast webpage. I'm loading quickly and immediately. This is because I am the boss of all websites and pages. The fastest car in the world.

Really beauty and fast loading webpage

You want to be like me? It's a good shot! Please, the things I do to be faster can not be understood by you. You think you can understand but you can hire in affordable price to get something nearly. I will even explain everything I do to be fast and you still would get it.

Everything on this page is loading quickly :)

I don't load external content, everything loaded on this page is contained in the HTML file.


The whole CSS3 content is loaded inline. I do not need external files for my CSS3. My CSS styles are small and fully integrated inside of me. Th CSS is less than 30 lines and I am still completely responsive and look great on any device. Even if I wanted to use more complex CSS I could as long as it was delivered intelligently.

Image loading

My images are inlined into the HTML using the base64 image tool, so there is no need for the browser to go looking for some image linked to as an external file.


I use no javascript, it is not needed.

Gzip compression

I am not an idiot, my files take advantage of Gzip compression.


I am on a cloud web host and my hard drives are SSD, and have no moving parts. I understand hosting is important and I am willing to pay 25 to 35 dollars a month to be awesome to my users. I use Agresia SSD Hosting Package.

I am done with you

Go away from me, I am too far beyond your ability to comprehend.

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